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Excel your prognosis using ClinSav with these very powerful features

Easily Digitize Your Patient Information

Easily Digitize Your Patient Information

  • Analyze patients info using in-built or custom diagnosis groupings
  • Sync patient & appointment data in real time with staff
  • Get full patient history with just one click for case papers

Track Patient Appointments Anywhere Anytime

  • Track daily appointments with one-click monthly view
  • Send SMS appointment reminders to patients
  • Manage all appointments online or offline anywhere anytime
Manage Your Patient Appointments Anywhere Anytime
Enjoy Flexibility to Type, Record or Capture Your Case Papers

Enjoy Flexibility to Type, Record or Capture Your Case Papers

  • Single view of visits and payments summary
  • Single view of patient case summary with treatment plan
  • Customize case papers as per your needs

Type Less and Reuse Ready or Custom Data

  • Use ready clinic data of drugs, procedures, and more…
  • Powerful preset data to help you quick start your clinic
  • Add your own data as per your clinical practice setup
Type Less and Reuse Ready or Your Custom Data
Automate Tracking of All Your Clinic Spends and Earnings

Automate Tracking of All Clinic Spends and Earnings

  • Monitor spends and earnings across any timeline
  • Manage vendors and payments from a single view
  • Secured in-built & limited view access of finances for staff

Quick Start with Prescriptions, Invoices and Payment Receipts

  • Build, share prescriptions & letters with minimal clicks
  • Share ready invoices & payment receipts with patients
  • Edit important parts of all artifacts as per your needs
Quick Start with Prescriptions, Letters and Payment Receipts
Be Always In-Sync with Your Staff

Sync in Real-Time with Staff

  • Sync in real time with staff for all your clinic data
  • Auto-resolve data clashes with priority to doctors data
  • Extended multi-staff sync for seamless communication

Buzz Your Staff with InterCom

  • Buzz your staff to call them in your cabin
  • Block access to your staff with just one click
  • Disable staff for temporary absence
Buzz Your Staff with InterCom and Control Your Staff's Access
Manage and Digitize Multiple Clinics

Digitize Your Clinic with Your Own Setup

  • One-time setup for your clinic time(s)
  • Add vacations or out-of-clinic to notify your staff
  • One-time setup for your clinic letterhead

Stay Assured with Our Fully Automated Data Backups

  • Get auto backed up data in your own google drive!
  • Assured auto data backups till your last online update
  • Restore your device completely with a seamless backup restore
Stay Assured with Fully Automated Data Backups
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ClinSav is Future-Ready!

ClinSav is built to be ready for future

Icon for ClinSav Smart Assist Feature Smart-assist learns your usage trend and provides suggestion(s) to optimize your experience
Icon for ClinSav Voice Assist Feature Voice-assist helps you with app navigation

A lot more is coming your way …
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