Know the Difference Between “Offline” and “Truly Offline” Apps
Clinic Management Apps| June 24, 2022

As we are moving towards an ever-connected world, there is a huge section of consumers – aka Doctors (our true heroes), who face a unique problem in their daily work lives. Howsoever they may want to use technology to their advantage, expecting internet being available during patient visits, or while providing services in remote areas of a country is almost next to impossible. On top of this, there are other issues with network speed even if you can get a stable connection.

With so many clinic management apps in the market, that are connected to servers and provide amazing features that work online and / or provide limited offline functions, it is a no-brainer that Doctors would always prefer there ever-available buddies – Pen and Paper.

We were very much aware of this so-called “problem” with online-only or partially offline apps and hence, we started from scratch with an app design for ClinSav, to provide completely offline features. We were convinced, that only a completely offline system can give full advantage of technology to doctors.

ClinSav is hence unique as the below table shall help you understand the difference between “Offline” and “Truly Offline” Apps. Truly Offline is also called “true offline” or “complex offline”. We hope that this shall give you a very good perspective in selecting the right clinic management system for yourself and your staff.

CapabilitiesOffline (Partial) *Truly Offline (or Complex)
Store Transactional DataLimitedYES
Store Master DataNOYES
Seamless Sync with UsersYESYES
Manage Data Sync ConflictsLimitedYES
Securely Store Data on DeviceLimitedYES
App Overall PerformanceMediumHIGH
Battery SavingsLimitedHIGH
Comparison of Offline and Truly Offline App Capabilities

* Limited means that the app provides limited capabilities to perform a sync or has limited coverage of features or provide offline capabilities for a limited time only or uses more of network bandwidth / battery.

ClinSav is the only “Truly Offline” Clinic Management App. It provides full capability to manage your day-to-day activities to effectively manage your clinic.

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