Your 10-Pointer Checklist to Select the Right Clinic Management System
Clinic Management Apps| October 06, 2022

In India, from our extensive research on digitization practices, most of the doctors are averse to digitize their clinics. This intrigued us for a long time, but soon we found out that it was common sense, considering the major concerns of the doctors did remain unsolved by the existing apps in the market!

Although, doctors would love to, they do not want to digitize their clinics due to the below important concerns:

  1. How can I remain in full control of my patient data?
  2. What if my patient data is handed over to a 3rd party without my knowledge by the digitizing company?
  3. How can I ensure full safety of my patient data?
  4. Why should I buy a laptop or other gadget to digitize my clinic? That’s an additional cost to me.
  5. Why should I spend more time on a gadget daily, than with my patients?
  6. Training my assistants on a new software is a real pain. What to do about that?
  7. These clinic management solutions want me to add so much of data to simply use them. That’s a real pain!

The above concerns also give rise to a definitive list of checks that doctors can use to select the right clinic management system.

The “right clinic management solution” should always have the below ‘5 most important aspects’:

  1. Data Security: Provide very tight security to keep doctor’s patient data safe
  2. Save Time: Provide well-designed features that can save time for whosoever visits a clinic.
  3. Save Costs: Provide ways to save on recurring or fixed costs for the doctor and their staff.
  4. Save Efforts: Provide well-designed structure that can save efforts for whosoever visits a clinic.
  5. Amazing Experience: Provide an amazing experience to all users to ensure that they can get the maximum value.

Considering the above 5 aspects, you can use the below 10-pointer useful checklist to select the “right clinic management solution” for yourself.

Check #Checking Point (Does the Clinic Management Solution Provide(s)….)
1.  Data Security: ‘Excellent data security’ for my patient’s data?
2.  Data Security: Restore from a real-time backup in case if my digital device is lost or gets broken?
3.  Data Security: A way to manage my staff and ensure they only see what they are supposed to see?
4.  Save Time: ‘Well designed forms' that can help me / my staff save time?
5.  Save Time: A consistent features design that helps me save on training time for my staff?
6.  Save Costs: A way to use my existing devices and not buy any additional hardware?
7.  Save Efforts: A good design & ready to use master data to reduce typing efforts?
8.  Save Efforts: A way for me to communicate with my staff seamlessly?
9.  Amazing Experience: A way to manage all my clinic data in a fully offline state?
10.  Amazing Experience: A super-easy way to contact support if required.

ClinSav checks everything above but gives you even more! We believe in continuous learning and innovation, and ClinSav is no exception. As you adopt and use ClinSav, you will get even more and more powerful features in the upcoming years with no extra charges! It even gets much better as you get the best designed app ever with innovative new ways to manage your ever complex clinical practice.