You Do NOT Have to Ditch Your Notepad when Using ClinSav
Clinic Management Apps| April 12, 2023

Almost 3 years back, while doing research on how doctors work in their clinics, we started reviewing the most important paraphernalia of a doctor – the ubiquitous writing pad (or notepad)! We looked at how digital notepad apps work, digital pens create magic, digital apps provides easy to use ways to enter data, voice technologies etc…, but we just couldn’t find one single alternative that could beat the doctors writing pad.

As we all know, there are very simple reasons for using a writing pad.

  1. The writing pad simply ‘always works’ wherever the doctor is.
  2. It is easy to carry and can be used in any setting.
  3. It doesn’t need charging or to be ‘put on / off’.
  4. Even if you forget your pen / pencil, you can always find these anywhere to fill in your writing pad.
  5. The writing pad gives you full flexibility to ‘write or draw anything’.
  6. Writing on paper and reading from it is ‘magical’ for humans.

The last point above is something that nobody ever denies! Even us from the tech world know how useful a notepad (with real paper) can ever be…

Hence, when we started work on ClinSav, we worked on a design to ensure that we shall never “strive” to completely replace the doctor’s writing pad. We designed ClinSav to ‘accommodate’ or give ‘alternative digital options’ along with the notepad and hence we gave an option to capture what you have written on your notepad as part of your digital case paper. We even went further on and decided to give even more flexibility for capturing information. This is where we allowed voice files as well – as part of your patients’ case paper.

Digitizing is helpful, but it can never replace those magic moments of using paper. We are very respectful of these magical moments and would want to keep their sanctum in your clinical practice. As we progress further in technology today, innovative solutions shall keep coming, but at the same time what the doctor ‘truly wants’ only matters in the long run. And we shall always respect that… period.

ClinSav checks everything above but gives you even more! We believe in continuous learning and innovation, and ClinSav is no exception. As you adopt and use ClinSav, you will get even more and more powerful features in the upcoming years with no extra charges! It even gets much better as you get the best designed app ever with innovative new ways to manage your ever complex clinical practice.