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Take advantage of our exclusive pricing for our initial adopters!

ClinSav is available through invitations-only Or our customer support / direct sales

Our pricing has no hidden costs

For those just starting out

599* (Excludes GST)
Billed Annually
  • Manage Patients, Appts & Case Papers
  • Manage max 300 Pts. Or 1000 Case Papers
  • Free 2500 SMS (Yearly)***
  • Free 2 GB of Backup Storage

For those growing their reach

749* (Excludes GST)
Billed Annually
  • Everything in "Starter" + All Core Features **
  • Unlimited Patients & Case Papers
  • Free 5000 SMS (Yearly)***
  • Free 5 GB of Backups Storage
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For those growing beyond

899* (Excludes GST)
Billed Annually
  • Everything in "Grow" + Manage Staff (Max 1)
  • Full Data Sync for 1 Staff with Inter-Com
  • Free 8000 SMS (Yearly)***
  • Free 8 GB of Backups Storage

For those already ready for the future

1,049* (Excludes GST)
Billed Annually
  • Everything in "Grow Plus" + Extended Staff Management
  • Manage Extended Active Staff Roles (2 to Max 5)
  • Free 10000 SMS (Yearly)***
  • Free 10 GB of Backups Storage

★ The above prices are exclusive for “The Golden 200” program with limited availability! The final price for plan is calculated by adding GST of 18% as per government regulations

★★ Core features help you manage patient information, appointments, case papers, financials, issue of letters and your clinic master data

★★★ For additional storage and / or user requirements pricing details, please send us a support request

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