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Our customer support works on the following 3 pillars.

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Existing customer? – We shall call you back within 4 hours of your request.

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The "Early Adopters" program is for those doctors who register with us within the initial launch period. This will help you earn 'exclusive benefits' in the long term. Some of these are…
  • Exclusive discounts on our plans
  • Enjoy the same launch price for your next plan renewal in the 2nd & 3rd year!
  • Earn special DEMO-Day discounts
  • Exclusive 1st preview of new features before app gets updated
  • Receive priority customer support

Unfortunately No. Considering the unique design of ClinSav, we do not provide trial versions. Although, if you are still not sure, you can opt for a 1-month one time paid plan to experience ClinSav and then take our yearly plan.

No. Once, you purchase a plan, you will keep getting new features and data updates without any separate charges! On top of these, if we integrate any new major feature, you will be notified by our support team to enable or disable it - as per your requirements.

If you are part of our "Early Adopters" program, then your 1st & 2nd renewal price (post your annual subscription) will be same as your current year purchase price. For everybody else, the renewal price might change considering the discounts applicable at the time of renewal.

Yes, we do accept cash where we can physically reach you and in exceptional cases ONLY. We would always prefer if online payments are made for our plans.

Our plans have defined limits for maximum storage data for your clinic. The limits have been kept keeping in mind the general pattern of data storage requirements for clinics. If you exceed these, then you can either purchase additional data from us at a nominal cost or you can free-up space by archiving or deleting your older data which may not be useful for maintaining your clinic records.

For a general clinic functioning, we have logically considered the active users limit. This limit shall be applicable till end of Dec 2023. If you may want to add more users, then please contact support for the applicable price at that time (post Jan 2024).

As already mentioned on our home page, we DO NOT store your data on our servers database! Apart from this, ClinSav has high security checks for any network-based data flows and also for your data being stored on your device. If you are still not satisfied, you can request a call back from our support team and they shall update you with our detailed security features that are already incorporated in our system. To know more on data security, you can refer our 'Security and UX' page and / or refer our blog - "How to Judge a Clinic Management App to Safely Handle Your Precious Patient Data".

You can request a call back from our support team for any existing data migration needs and our friendly support team shall assist you.

ClinSav is the only Clinic Management App in the whole world, that lets you keep your complete data on your own device. Due to this, you can enjoy a "true" offline experience with all the core features and that is what we call as "Truly Offline". No other app does this today!

ClinSav is built for a lot of flexibility with your custom clinic data along with UI look and feel. You can customize the app UI features as well as what data you need for your daily use. Moreover, you also get ready-to-use clinic data that makes it easy to do your daily clinic management tasks.

ClinSav has been designed with very high user-experience. In most cases, you will not need any exclusive trainings. After you buy ClinSav, all our registered doctors are provided with detailed "How To…" information clips / documents. If you have any special requirements, you can request a call back from our support team and they shall be happy to assist you.

Your clinic data is safe with assured backups (considering your device was online before it got lost or malfunctioned). ClinSav is built with a 'robust & a real-time backup system'! If you lose your phone or your phone stops working, you can contact our support team to setup ClinSav again on another device. You and your clinic staff shall be back online in a jiffy with our 'fully automated restore process' using another mobile device (phone or tablet).

ClinSav is built with very high data security features. Once, you download ClinSav it gets mapped to your device and can not be used on any other device with the same login phone number. Every instance of ClinSav will only work using a unique phone number login.

ClinSav is a very premium app. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that each and every feature works the way it was designed for. If you face any issues with any feature, you can...
  • Directly call our customer support number given above or
  • Log a call-me-back customer support ticket directly from the app - "ClinSav App > Support" feature or
  • Log a call-me-back customer support ticket directly from this page or
  • Write an email to our support email id given in the footer below